Is Carrie Underwood's Grammy Dress A Vega Zaishi Wang Ripoff?

<p>Underwood wowed audiences with her projection mapped dress at the Grammy&#8217;s last night. But where exactly did she get her inspiration?</p>

Don’t get me wrong—when I saw Carrie Underwood’s gray satin dress come alive with light animations during her Grammy’s performance last night, I thought it was pretty darn cool. I small part of me squeals with undue joy every time I see a young starlet emerge on the red carpet or the stage in some tech-inspired, futuristic duds (see: Katy Perry, Fergie, and Nicole Scherzinger’s Twitter dress). But this time, my excitement was overshadowed by another feeling: indignation. Did Carrie Underwood steal her dress animation idea from Chinese fashion designer Vega Wang?

Ok, fine, that’s a bit of a stretch. Besides, Underwood’s dress is really just a poor woman’s Vega Zaishi Wang garment. While Underwood showed off some (shockingly bad) designs projected on her gown, the animations on the dresses in Wang’s intergalactic Alpha Lyrae collection are actually created using electroluminescent fabric, which glows from within. This means the animated designs are embedded in the dress itself, which is maybe too much of a commitment from a typically play-it-safe kind of gal like Underwood.

Check out Vega Zaishi Wang’s animated dresses in the video below and explore the full gallery of dresses and designs in the Alpha Lyrae collection:

Here are some GIFs of Underwood’s dress in action. Which dress do you like best?

Underwood GIFs via Mashable.