Psychic Cheerleaders: Dawn Of The New Age Is A Short Film Worthy Of David Lynch

<p>They&#8217;re psychic. They&#8217;re cheerleaders. It&#8217;s the dawn of a new age.</p>

“Lynchian” is perhaps an adjective that gets thrown around too often—when something is unnervingly surreal, the name David Lynch is dragged up with unimaginative ease.

But the short Psychic Cheerleaders: Dawn of the New Age by Taylor Cohan does channel the famous director’s uncanny aesthetic. Set in a suburban environment—a typical high school—it seems full of subconscious desires and dream qualities with a floating camera that drifts along just the right side of abstraction.

It’s about a couple of cheerleaders who have psychic abilities, able to read minds and hypnotize people, who switch identities. It also features a creepy guy who likes to eat corn, which is must in any film about psychic cheerleaders.