Make an Anti-Gravity Chamber with Your iPhone

No VFX were used in the making of Greg Barth's new experimental film.

Images courtesy the artist

Effervescence, a stomach-lurching video from London-based filmmaker Greg Barth defies explanation at first. If the laws of gravity are still what I was taught in elementary school, how come the array of sparkling doodads and colorful whatsits (captured in glorious slow motion) seem to have missed the memo? They float and spin and crash into one another with no regard for what's up or down. Barth describes it to The Creators Project as "A canvas where materials collide and dance in the most unexpected way, creating a beautiful, gravity defying ballet of chaos and poetry."

It's truly mesmerizing, and shot completely in camera, with no CGI to trick the brain. Watch it here:

The trick, Barth explains, is a massive rotating light box with an iPhone inside. Effervescence was created for Apple's Start Something New campaign, which supports a suite of 11 artists making innovative work using their tools. This Thursday, Barth will be at the Apple Store on West 14th St., New York along with Tiffany Bozic, Jake Sargeant, William Hundley, and Bernhard Lang to talk about the process behind the experimental short. Check out some behind-the-scenes images below.

See more of Greg Barth's work on his website.


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