iPhone 4S App Siri Turns Killer In A Short Horror Film

<p>What happens when helpful technology goes bad&#8230;</p>

Siri for the iPhone 4S can be used for all manner of helpful applications, like sending messages, finding out information, setting reminders, or making phone calls. But what happens when Siri goes nuts and instead of being a form of intelligent software that aids your daily life, turns into a villainous fiend, hellbent on killing and destruction?

It’s a situation that we can no longer ignore, as andrewmfilms, the effects-heavy YouTube filmmakers who’ve previously pondered retro warfare, posit an evil Siri that goes on a rampage, materializing machine guns out of thin air and creeping about on robotic insect legs. The moral of the story? If you find an iPhone 4S lying on the ground, it’s probably a murder machine sent to annihilate you.