Introducing: The Lego Robotic Arm

<p>Looks like the singularity might be powered by toys.</p>

Lego is one of those wonder toys that eternally captivates generations of children and adults and part of the reason is its versatility. It means while the kids get to grips with the fundamentals of basic construction, mum and dad can geek out by building a Lego Death Star. Although at $399 for the playset it’s not the cheapest hobby.

Not happy with conquering the markets of children’s toys, film merchandise and video gaming, now Lego has made the move into robotics with the Lego robotic arm, a prosthetic arm made entirely from Lego. And this piece is far from child’s play, utilizing Lego pneumatics and motors for that all-important wrist and elbow action.

And if you’re wondering why you’d build such a thing, Max Shepard its creator, explains:

The main purpose of this project was to accurately mimic the full range of motion of a normal human arm and hand. The secondary goal was to maximize speed and power, yet maintain a consistent ratio between the two for demonstration purposes. It is important to note that it was designed as an above elbow prosthesis, and the yellow shoulder is only meant to act as a static model.

If the singularity is going to be Lego-shaped, then Skynet seems like far less of a menace.