Introducing The Digital Gallery: A New Way For You To Explore Artistic Works Online

<p>We&#8217;re kicking off the new section of our site with a roster of five amazing works across various disciplines.</p>

Here at The Creators Project, our mission is to scour the world for the best and most awesome works of art incorporating technology. At a time when traditional categories, formats, and venues are in a state of flux, some of the most interesting work is the stuff that doesn’t fit existing molds. And that’s typically the stuff that gets us most excited. Over the years, the internet has emerged as a major venue for showcasing creative work, offering a unique experience that just wouldn’t be the same in any other environment. Works created to live and breathe online occupy a league of their own, and challenge our ideas about where art can and should be presented, as well as what constitutes artistic work in the age of the internet. We’re proud to launch a new portion of our site dedicated to such works.

The Digital Gallery is the new home for artworks from various genres which are conceived and designed to be experienced primarily online. On an ongoing basis, we’ll be introducing new works that range from interactive web-based art and apps to games, music videos, and short films. We’re kicking off the Digital Gallery with five works across mediums of film, music, and interactive websites, giving you an idea of the range of creativity you’ll see there from now on.

ReConstitution 2012 by Sosolimited

Part data visualization, part experimental typography, ReConstitution 2012 is a live web app linked to the US Presidential Debates by arts and technology studio Sosolimited. During and after the three debates, language used by the candidates generates a live graphical map of the events. Algorithms track the psychological states of Romney and Obama and compare them to past candidates. The app allows the user to get beyond the punditry and discover the hidden meaning in the words chosen by the candidates.

The xx: “Chained” by Young Replicant

For the first video from their highly anticipated sophomore album Coexist, the wildly popular British band tell a subdued, simple story told with moody intensity. Conceived by The xx’s Romy Madley Croft and directed by LA music video studio Young Replicant, the video is set in a swimming pool, with Croft suspended motionless in the water and her bandmates rushing to save her, culminating in an unexpected ending.

NARAN JA by Alejandro González Iñárritu [COMING SOON]

After watching a rehearsal for the L.A Dance Project’s premiere performance last month, Oscar-nominated director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Biutiful (2010), Babel (2006)) was inspired to create a short film that documents movement and dance in an experimental way. The result is NARAN JA (One Act Orange Dance). The film, produced by The Amoveo Company, features excerpts of the new choreography Benjamin Millepied crafted for Moving Parts. Post production was handled by The Mill LA.

Animal Collective Radio by Abby Portner + Animal Collective

In the month leading up to the release of their new album Centipede Hz, Animal Collective and friends hosted live radio broadcasts every Sunday night, featuring curated mixes and debuts of new tracks. The final broadcast featured a full stream of the new album, along with psychedelic custom visuals for each track created by Abby Portner.

Grizzly Bear: “Yet Again” by Emily Kai Bock

Grizzly Bear’s videos to date have been pretty surreal, but for “Yet Again,” a heartfelt song off their newest record Shields (out now on Warp Records), they enlisted the slightly more realist vision of Emily Kai Bock, who most recently had success in capturing Grimes hanging with the dirt bike rally crowd in “Oblivion.”

We’ll be rolling out lots of new works in the new Digital Gallery section of The Creators Project in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for works like The Carp & The Seagull by Evan Boehm, the debut of Vega Wang’s new fashion collection, an interactive short film by FIELD, and much more.