Interactive Plants That Convey Emotions

<p>Plants become puppets in research conducted by Keio University.</p>

If you’ve ever returned home, looked at your potted plants, and wondered “wouldn’t it be great if they could show some kind of emotion other than just sitting there and growing slowly over time,” then Keio University’s interactive plants might be a welcome development for you.

Researchers at the Japanese university have attached motors and cords to plants, so that they react to sensors, shifting and twitching like they’re reacting to your presence. It all looks kind of creepy and seems like a kind of puppeteering of the plant kingdom, although it might be useful if you were putting on a play with plants as the actors. A live production of Evil Dead, anyone?

Is this pointless—a kind of Disneyfication of the world? Or do we need plants to be more interactive than nature intended? Tell us your comments below!