"Intelligent" Camera Autonomously Captures Images Of Your Day Then Turns Them Into A Stop-Frame Video

<p>The Autographer from <span class="caps">OMG</span> Life does all the hard work of documenting your life while you go about your business.</p>

The last thing any of us really need in our lives is more cameras, more ways we can record and share our lives. But nevermind that, because the world is going to keep throwing them at us and the latest is this hands-free camera called the Autographer from OMG Life. Instead of you having to think and take photos documenting your fabulous lifestyle, the camera does all the hard work for you, so you can entrust the documenting of your life to the algorithms like everything else.

Putting it around your neck, you let the “intelligent” camera take up to 2,000 high-res pictures a day, utilizing its on-board sensors and GPS to know when it’s a good time to snap a pic according to light, color, motion, direction, and temperature. It’ll then create a stop-frame video, or GIFs, of your day’s activities so you can upload it to Vimeo and share you—sitting in your underwear all day eating junk and watching crap—with the world.

But would you welcome such a device into your life? Or is it more unnecessary documentation? Maybe they’re trying to get a head start on Google’s Project Glass and maybe we’re about to enter a new era where all our waking moments are recorded and shared, each of us living through our own The Truman Show.

[via DVICE]