Interactive Installation Gives Kids Weather-Controlling Superpowers

Design I/O's <i>Weather Worlds</i> lets children express themselves by firing lightning bolts at each other.

What kid doesn't want superpowers? For that matter, what adult doesn't want superpowers? We all do, young and old and the only way we're going to get them is through the appendage of technology. In a new installation from Design I/O—Theo Watson, Emily Gobeille, and Nick Hardeman—called Weather Worlds kids (yes, and adults too) get the chance to lord their wills over rain and wind in a piece that "grants children weather controlling superpowers".

With a camera and real-time greenscreening anyone gets the chance to turn weather god and entomb random strangers in ice or create clouds from the palm of their hands. They can even express their inner Zeus and let zig-zags of lightning fly from their hand. A custom built system tracks the movements of the children and identifies their gestures so they can throw their limbs around and express themselves as virtual weather.

Design I/O explain: "Using their bodies children can conjure a storm, release a twisting tornado or rain down bolts of lightning from their fingertips. There are mighty wind fields to move through, stomping earthquakes, light bending sunshine and blizzards that will make you shiver!"

And who wouldn't want to fight their way to the front of a queue to enjoy that? You can check out the installation in action in the video below.