Binocular Video Installation Uses Hacked VHS To Reverse User's Sight

"Parallax" by Incredible Bob uses VHS viewfinders and CCTV cameras to mess with people's perspectives.

Usually you look through binoculars to see something more closely, but in the installation Parallax by Incredible Bob you look through them to see things from a completely different perspective. Built using two hacked VHS viewfinders and two CCTV bullet cameras users look into it and their sight is reversed, seeing the left side in the right eye and vice versa.

As users peer into the binoculars they're confronted with reversed images of themselves looking at the installation. Incredible Bob says the concept behind the piece was to "see ourself watching an artwork from different [a] perspective, in a manner of [a] peeping tom or nickelodeon". 

The piece was part of the group show Inter(atr)actions at the Dom Omladine Gallery in Belgrade.