Inside Ratatat's Anatomically Incorrect Coachella Visuals

Whether on the small screen or one of the biggest festival stages of the year, Zolloc makes GIFs that we can't look away from.

The floating orbs, anatomically incorrect babies, and fluttering, decontextualized textiles that have become pillars of Hayden Zezula's, aka Zolloc's, GIFs, are designed to be succinct and mesmerizing 30-frame units of art. That might explain why electronic rock duo Ratatat enlisted the Austin-based artist's work for the animated trip-out looping in the background of their comeback performance at Coachella, which wrapped its second weekend last night.

As we've seen in the past, GIFs like the growing and popping bubbles of memories, and the idol-like golden hand in Zolloc's collaboration with Reach conjure surreal alternate universes that would be ideal for pairing with Ratatat's driving guitar riffs and otherworldly vamping. The band's production team repurposed these GIFs and more for the light show, projecting them from the massive on-stage screens.

"I've been a long time fan of Ratatat. They told me they had seen my blog and really liked how beautiful and creepy my work is," Zezula tells The Creators Project. "Seeing my visuals behind them at Coachella was a huge deal for me. I like the hypnotic grooves of the new song. The repetitious melody's really compliment my loops. You get sucked into the performance. Perfect fit."

Currently, Zolloc is designing artwork for the upcoming launch of Electric Objects, the new season of Game of Thrones, the release of Unfriended, and more. His most recent work is a spinning 3D self-portrait, which is just as hard to look away from as his surreal babies and abstract fluids.

Ratatat unveiledĀ "Cream on Chrome," their first single in five years, during the Coachella last weekend, also dropping a colorful new music video starring a colorful light sculpture. Watch song's live performance in the video above, and see the original GIFs that brought it to life in action below.

GIFs courtesy the artist

Visit Zolloc's website for more surreal GIFs.


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