Ink Creatures Take on Paper in This Short Stop-Motion Duel

The age-old battle between hand-drawing and papercraft comes alive in 'OTTO.'

Sheets of paper and ink duel in Salvatore Murgia and Dario Imbrogno’s hybrid stop-motion and hand-drawn animation short, OTTO. From an illustration of an eye to a sculpture of a crab, the cyclical narrative moves through flat planes to 3D seamlessly. The work was “created with the intention to talk in a metaphorical and abstract way about the natural circle of events, which often switches the rules of the characters involved,” the team describes on their Vimeo page. Accompanied by the audio stylings of sound designer Nicola Ariutti, the fluid movements of the film's ephemeral creature creations are further emphasized, their shifts punctuated by mechanical crackles and electrical fizzing. 

See their world come to life on paper—and out of paper—below: 

OTTO from JIMBRO on Vimeo.

Check out more from Salvatore Murgia on Behance


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