"Immersive" Projection Mapping Covers DUMBO's "Surfaces" Tonight [NYC Event]

<p>A cool project from this weekend&#8217;s <span class="caps">DUMBO</span> Arts Festival brings some large-scale static structures to life.</p>

Projection on the Bridge - Immersive Surfaces - As Above, So Below from Light Harvest Studio - Ryan Uzi on Vimeo.

What’s that? You haven’t had your fill of projection mapping projects in some time? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This weekend the Manhattan Bridge will serve as a backdrop for a large-scale video art exhibit as part of the weekend-long DUMBO Arts Festival. Entitled Immersive Surfaces, the project takes viewers through three phases of interaction, providing an innovative way to give one of New York City's landmarks a new role. A production sponsored by Light Harvest Studio and curated by Leo Kuelbs, the exhibition uses the bridge as a gallery space to present over a dozen video pieces from an international group of artists. Each individual work will expand to cover the surface of the bridge, and as the screening proceeds, the smaller works will morph into the main phase of Immersive Surfaces.

The featured video mapped onto the Manhattan Bridge, "As Above, So Below," was conceived and created by a group of six artists, John Ensor Parker, Simon Anaya, Farkas Fulop, Johnny Moreno, Richard Jochum, & Ryan Uzilevsky, and sponsored by SenovvA. Uzilevsky, who we interviewed this May, describes the presentation as an "animated modern Botticelli painting." It’s a collaboration between him and five other artists that will fully submerge the audience in its story, exploring themes of creativity and human connection.

The projection, spanning the bridge's 30,000 square foot anchorage, allows viewers to experience their surroundings in a new way. Additionally, a smartphone app will enable spectators to engage in the installation themselves, sending text and images via Twitter under the hashtag #dumboarts to be integrated into the installation via an augmented reality experience built in Layar. Immersive Surfaces plans to share viewers’ instant reactions, incorporating mobile phone photos hashtagged #dumboarts into the installation.

Immersive Surfaces is part of the DUMBO Arts Festival, celebrating creativity in the District Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The festival kicks off tonight and lasts until Sunday, September 25. For more installation art action in DUMBO, stay tuned for news on our New York event, coming to the District next month.