Images Of Drone Attack Sites Uploaded To Instagram

<p>James Bridle&#8217;s <i>Dronestagram: The Drone’s-Eye View</i> collates images of where drone attacks have occurred.</p>

James Bridle, the man who kicked off the whole New Aesthetic debate back in March of this year with his New Aesthetic panel at SXSW, has a new project called Dronestagram: The Drone's-Eye View. The idea behind the project is that Bridle will be posting images of the places that have been subjected to drone strikes on Instagram.

“Drones are just the latest in a long line of military technologies augmenting the process of death-dealing,” he writes, and goes on to say that they’re the “consequence of invisible, distancing technologies, and a technologically-disengaged media and society.” Bridle sources where the drone strikes are happening from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and he then posts a Google Maps Satellite view image of the place to Instragram—which also syndicates it to Tumblr and Twitter—along with a brief description of the the strike and the place.

Bridle hopes that by seeing the images, people will empathize with the anonymous victims who are killed by the strikes, while providing information—which he notes is incredibly scarce—on this secretive aspect of modern warfare.

[via The New Aesthetic]