Little Boxes Creates A Music Box From Your iPad (Including The Wooden Handles!)

<p>Old and new, analog and digital meet in this crossover device.</p>

if you’ve ever looked at your ergonomic iPad and wished you could downgrade it to a wooden music box, then you’re in luck. Joelle Aeschlimann and ECAL have created Little Boxes which features three round, wooden attachments which interact with the iPad and turn it into a music box.

Each different attachment is placed on the touchscreen while the handle is cranked, enabling a different audiovisual outcome. According to PSFK, the interaction between the wooden handle and the iPad is accomplished using rubber tips, like those used on the tablet stylus pens, along with Adobe Air iOS software.

Once the handle is turned, animations appear that dance and follow the handle around. One visual features fragments that dance about, another has rope-like tendrils snaking from the device, and the final one has an orbiting graphic of arrows.

[via PSFK]