Incredipede Is A Game Of Anatomical Physics Set In Storybook Land

<p>Macrophotographer Thomas Shahan brings his wood etching style to this charming browser game.</p>

The concept for Incredipede is a simple one that doesn’t sound so simple: alter your character’s anatomy by adding appendages and muscles, allowing her to traverse various obstacles. The character, Quozzle, is a green one-eyed bug-like creature that you have to modify in a vast number of ways to get around obstacles as you progress through the game,

Quozzle and his environments started out as simple animations to match the simple gameplay, but creators Colin and Sarah Northway felt it needed something more visually engaging, and so they enlisted the help of artist and macrophotographer Thomas Shahan. Using his folky wood-etching style, Shahan turned Quozzle and his world into an old-timey story book that you interact with in a veritably new-timey way: online gaming.

In the video above, Shahan describes the creative process of taking the simple animations and turning them into a richly detailed set of landscapes and actions, and how his experience with photographing insects up close gave him the insight to transform Quozzle, who has never looked better.

Play the game here.

Below, see some before and after pictures of the game’s design.