Gifotomat Matches Your Face With An Old Painting And Combines Them In A GIF

<p>A photo booth that finds your historic twin and <span class="caps">GIF</span>-izes the both of you.</p>

Odds are, you look like someone in history. Sure, we are all unique snowflakes and no two people are quite the same, but surely out of the many billions of people that have lived, there are a few that match your likeness to an uncanny degree. But how would you ever know?

Enter Caroline Lollo, a student at the École nationale supérieure Louis Lumière, an audiovisual school in Paris. For her final project, she devised a way to combine the search for historical likeness with the classic photo booth. Step inside her Gifotomat, snap a shot, and using an algorithm it selects the closest visual match from a huge database of paintings. The current shot and the painting are then combined into a two-frame GIF, flashing feverishly between you and your twin from the past.

Below are a few examples, including GIFs featuring paintings by Albrecht Dürer and Pietro Perugino.