FUTURE SELF Is A Dance Reactive LED Cube

<p>Design team rAndom International combine dance, music, and light in this interactive installation.</p>

Interactive installations, for example Chris Milk’s The Treachery Of Sanctuary, have been known to incorporate your form and manipulate it, giving you the surreal experience of watching yourself as part of the piece. FUTURE SELF takes the experience one step further, casting the human form in a three dimensional cube of LEDs that mimics the subject’s motion, but doesn’t always manifest itself as an exact duplication of the action.

Rather, the installation uses motion data to trigger a variety of patterns based on a dancer’s motion. Design team rAndom International created the large prism of lights, enlisting dance choreographer Wayne McGregor and composer Max Richter to plan interactions and accompaniment to maximize the visual experience of FUTURE SELF. Dancers move to the soundtrack, taunting and tantalizing the cube with their movements, drawing out its various visualizations.

We like the idea of marrying this project with United Visual Artist’s Origin to maximize the effect. How about it, guys?