If You Shoot Your Husband in Second Life, Does it Make a Wound?

<p>The artists behind 0100101110101101.org reenact famously shocking performance art with avatars.</p>

In 1971, Chris Burden shocked the art world with his performance art piece “Shoot,” in which he had a friend shoot him in the arm in front of a room of gallery goers. At the time, the performance made audience members question their reality – how could it be alright to shoot your friend, even if he told you to, even if you knew it would make his art career? Fast forward to 2010. Eva and Franco Mattes, the internet artists behind 0100101110101101.org, are staging virtual performances of Burden’s “Shoot,” Marina Abramovic’s “Imponderabilia,” and other famously controversial live art installations in Second Life. You can watch the Burden reenactment above, and check out their website for more of their provocative online performance art.