Duku Spacemarines Is A Disaster Film That Can't Make Up Its Mind

<p>La Mécanique du Plastique&#8217;s animation is a playful journey through Hollywood cliches.</p>

French design collective La Mécanique du Plastique—Nicolas Liautaud, Alice Suret-Canale, Nicolas Dubois, Hugo Paquin—have created a metanarrative animation that plays with visual styles and the plot devices of your typical Hollywood blockbuster. Especially one that might involve the end of the world in some way, maybe through aliens or a meteorite, or aliens riding a meteorite.

Anyway, in Duku Spacemarines the story begins with a Chinese hacker—no, a Czech hacker—and continues with a bare-knuckle fight—no, a cock fight. You see, the problem is, as the narrator segues together movie tropes, he can’t quite make up his mind about what he wants in the film. So what we get is a confusing mishmash of plots that’s just as incomprehensible as, say, The Avengers, but with plenty of droll humor thrown in.

As the story builds and changes on the narrator’s whim, so too do the animation styles, evolving from a crude hand drawn aesthetic at the beginning into full-blown Michael Bay-esque CGI by the end. Check out some images from the piece below.

[via Vimeo]