Cracked Ray Tube Finds Beauty In A Broken Broadcast

<p>James Connolly and Kyle Evans collaborate on a generative art performance.</p>

TV static has been driving viewers crazy for decades. But artists, ever-able to find beauty in the banal (as well as the irritating and ugly), have turned what we once perceived as dysfunction into art with a capital "A." Glitch art, or digital error-turned-aesthetic, has been around for almost as long as glitches have been ruining television programs and Internet connections.

In Cracked Ray Tube, glitch artists James Connolly and Kyle Evans let parallel monitors run rampant in real time, creating grainy, grindy, and—well—glitchy images and sounds as viewers pass through the exhibit. Their collaborative performance will be touring this year, so if you're interested in getting your glitch on, check their events page for a performance date in your area.

via but does it float