Iconic Movie Posters Reinterpreted As Neon Signs

<p>Neon isn&#8217;t just for sordid smut-shop signs&#8212;in this sereis of gifs, it illuminates the movie world.</p>

On his Twitter page, Mr Whaite refers to himself as a “bespectacled pop artist & digital neon freak,” which is a great introduction to his series of neon film posters for popular movies. Using iconic images from the films, he playfully creates a simple neon sign, taking their aesthetic inspiration from the flashing luminous tube lights used to advertise late night establishments for drinking and other heinous activities.

On his Tumblr site, which includes other filmic art, he explains his love for these electric fireflies of the city: “I love neon signs—they're hypnotic, sexy, sleazy and tacky all at the same time—and I've always thought it would be cool if cinemas used them to advertise films. So with that in mind, I thought I'd have a go at designing some animated Movie Neon. My first attempt is Ghostbusters—an obvious choice really, particularly as neon featured heavily in the video for Ray Parker Jr's single…”

Ghostbusters, and the rest, are below. Look out for new ones over on his Tumblr.