Icelandic Music Video Transforms Empty Bookshelves Into Geometric Color Planes

<p>Visual artist Harald Haraldsson releases his first music video &#8220;Love With You&#8221; for Icelandic duo Baarregaard &amp; Briem.</p>

Fascinated with the idea and appearance of refracted light, Icelandic artist Harald Haraldsson’s first music video endeavor brings us an unexpected spectacle created from an empty wall of bookshelves, which he's transformed into a dynamic canvas for video projection. Aesthetically reminiscent of his previous art installation PRISMA 1666 (a collaboration with Super Nature), "Love With You"—a musical collaboration between Reykjavik-based producer B.G. Baarregaard and singer/actor Alexander Briem—is a striking and upbeat music video that demonstrates Haraldsson's ability to manipulate our visual perception—this time via everyday furniture.

Haraldsson explains more about the video's intention, "the song is simple and clean, but builds up really nicely. We wanted to reach the same visual experience, with movement and colors being the building elements as the song reaches its climax. The two people become more dynamic throughout the video and finally come together at the end."

Smaller in scale than his other recent projects, Haraldsson created the music video by himself in his apartment over the course of one night. He programmed an openFrameworks app to delay individual color channels and to generate rotating lines on the black-and-white performance recordings. Then the visuals were projected onto a Random bookcase designed by MDF Italia. As the camera's perspective changes, the video fractures, stretches, and even integrates 3D.

The video’s production setup.

Images courtesy of Harald Haraldsson.