Augmented Reality Documents The Rapid Evolution Of Projection Mapping With AntiVJ

<p>Featuring works by Creator AntiVJ, <i>Augmented Reality</i> is a short documentary about how far projection mapping has come thus far.</p>

If you’re a video or installation artist, there’s no ignoring the advent of projection mapping. Though it has grown in wild new directions, the underlying concept is simple: using software to direct projections onto three-dimensional objects, shapes, and protrusions, anything but a flat screen. The technology has improved to a point that it’s possible to visually transform just about any object that bounces off light.

At the forefront of this new artform are Creators AntiVJ, a French team that has used the format to explore art and live music in mind-bending new ways. Having operated with something of a Midas touch since they took control of projection mapping a few years back, they were the natural choice for the above documentary by Belgian filmmaker Dane Luttik, Augmented Reality, which explains its implementation and gives us a snapshot of how far it has come thus far.

Set to the soundtrack of a our favorite songs from collaborator Nosaj Thing, the short film is a crash course in AntiVJ’s works, including Eyjafjallajökull, their installation at Nuits Sonores, and 3Destruct. Artists Joanie Lemercier, Konstructiv and Ilan Katin provide some additional insights about this still evolving process.

Following such amazing progress since its inception, the question is, where will projection mapping be a few years from now? What feats will it be able to accomplish that we can’t yet conceive of? We’re putting our money on AntiVJ and their fellow innovators to show us the way.