53.0581° N, 9.5275° W Reimagines An Island As An Abstract Digital Projection

<p>This light projection makes for an immersive experience at the Drop Everything festival on Inis Oirr.</p>

Lightscape is a group of digital artists based in Galway, Ireland engaged in VJing, lighting, digital art, video mapping, event management, animation, and motion and graphic design—so pretty much the epitome of multitasking. For Drop Everything, a visual art festival held on the small island of Inis Oirr off the coast of Ireland, they created a stunning digitized interpretation of this westerly isle.

To create the piece, called 53.0581° N, 9.5275° W, they made a line drawing measuring 5 × 3.5 metres based on the terrain of the island. They then used this as the framework to projection map a narrative, one that represented the appearance of a technologically-minded festival on a remote, rugged island.

The outcome is a beautiful, glowing, Avatar-like representation of Inis Oirr—a digital, geometric interpretation of a landscape painting. And it’s not often that two-dimensional projections have such depth, feeling, and such a sense of immersion—so feast your eyes on it in the video above.

[via Create Digital Motion]