Hyped: The Week In Links 9/14

<p>Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.</p>

On the blog this week we welcomed new Creators MEGAFORCE™, found out how you can make art from a broken Kindle, checked out Alexandre Herchcovitch‘s S/S 2013 collection from New York Fashion Week, got the lowdown on the performances and artworks at our Beijing event, had a peak at Casey Reastour visuals for Yeasayer, broke down the samples in Dirty Art Club’s “Black Acid” for this week’s LAYERS column, found out how to make a troll doll’s hair glow, took a look at Filip Piskorzynski’s music video for Rone’s track “Parade”, and found out about an international space orchestra who are broadcasting to the cosmos.

And in the vast cyber regions of the internet, something stirred…

· The world’s earliest ever recorded color film was recently found buried in a sealed prehistoric tomb. Not really, it was found at the National Media Museum in Bradford and the film shows footage of Edwardian children playing around on Brighton beach and in London’s Hyde Park. It dates from 1902 predating the previous victor, the Kinemacolor process, by eight years.

· It might sound weird, but there was a time when people manipulated photos before Photoshop was ever invented. Crazy. (above).

· It’s a good week for drunk people as these GPS shoes with LED toes will point your way home.

· It’s also a good week for skateboarding paper, as a paper cutout pulls off some totally rad moves in the stop-motion vid Quadratmeterboy.