Hyped: The Week in Links 8/5

<p>Busy week? Here&#8217;s some things you may have missed.</p>

So, what have we learned this week? Well, China loves its fakes, there’s a whole knock-off culture over there and it’s called shanzhai. It was a bad week for Dutch new media artists as budget cuts hit, but a good week for digital maps as they become an artistic medium. London didn’t look this groovy even in the sixties. Also, the Simpsons got glitched, OK Go released a fancy new video, this time in HTML-vision, and we remembered Jim Henson, king of Muppets.

Other gems from around the web you may have missed:

· Don’t bring your own booze to Rafaël Rozendaal’s BYOB: it’s an event called Bring Your Own Beamer where artists are encouraged to bring their own projector to showcase their art. Coming to a city near you soon.

· Taking the piss: dress up like your favorite Dadaist readymade, with a Duchamp Fountain dress by London designer Philip Colbert. Also available in Pop Art.

· Getting from A to B and on to Z: a GPS-sourced collaborative Running Alphabet typeface. If you’d like to run a letter, jog on over to the website to get involved.

· Go Donald Duck Yourself. The anthropomorphic duck in a sailor suit gets his own Pogo-style video remix. Quack.

· Hacked off: Boing Boing collated some very fine hacker stock art. Cue skeletons in wigs and ominous hand shadows looming over keyboards.

· Explaining the evolution of technology via the plot of Battlestar Galactica.