Hyped: The Week In Links 8/24

<p>Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.</p>

This week on the blog, we got all hyped up to AraabMUZIK’s MPC madness at our São Paulo event, had a chat with KiloWatts as he guided us through his epic electronic track The World In A Nutshell, marvelled at William Betts’ video-still like pixel paintings, watched Tobias Klein speak to us on his new interactive installation Virtual Sunset, and redrew national borders using cell phone data with Julian Oliver’s Border Bumping.

And out there on the interwebz…

· Rob Legato gave a ted talk on the art of creating awe as in films he’s worked on like Apollo13

· toby*spark introduced us to this new tool that allows crossfading of laptops. Via [CreateDigitalMotion]

· A squid (above) listened to Cypress Hill and couldn’t stop dancing about the screen in this beautiful audio visualiser

· And finally, if your not too busy over the weekend why not give this a go. A tremolo box that uses light to control the waving volume.