Hyped: The Week In Links 7/27

<p>Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.</p>

This week on the blog we gathered together a roundup of the best artworks at the Olympics this summer, checked out the second edition of Sterling Crispin’s net-inspired T-shirt line, had a chit chat with Sulumi about his latest summertime mixtape, gazed at the beauty of liquid in motion in The Flow Series, and shared out the LAYERS of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s track “Danger”. We were also amazed at the bizarre things you can now 3D print, which includes a mummy.

And over there on the interwebs…

· Ramesh Raska’s TEDtalk on femto-photography Imaging at a trillion frames per second let’s you see light in its physical form, while also seeing around corners.

· The London Underground map is morphed into a beautifully textural digital representation of itself (above), in this new remix video for the title track off UK artists Dusk + Blackdown’s Dasaflex, out in September.

· After the Olympic torch relay these Olympic Vermin thought it would be a good idea to do their own version, in this short film by Amael Isnard and Leo Bridle.

· MB Labs put up a new video showing how much fun it can be using arduino to control a table rather than the ball, in an attempt to score goals in Morphield.

· In the video Knot(e) rope is used to control music on an iPhone.

· And finally, Ron Fricke—the man who did the cinemotographer for critically acclaimed Koyaanisqatsi is back to direct a new movie Samsara. Full screen it, kick back, and let the theatrical trailer tickle your senses into the weekend. Enjoy.