Hyped: The Week In Links 6/29

<p>Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.</p>

On the blog we found out what a chandelier representing 14 billions years of light looked like, we took a look at the Hydrocordion as a work in progress, met the winners of our SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS contest, looked at the making of Passion Pit’s video for their track “Take A Walk”, met the man behind the fantasy technologies in The Avengers, spoke with Beeple in our Tech Q&A, and got the lowdown on our event in France.

And on the network…

· Massimo Banzi, one of the inventors of the open-source microcontroller Arduino, gave a TEDTalk on how the technology is firing people’s imaginations.

· Super Mario becomes 3D chalk art. The world is better off for it.

· Rock onwards: This guitar comes with a built in amp and digital effects as apps.

· The film Robot and Frank is about an an ex-jewel thief whose daughter gives him a robot butler and the two of them do a robbery. Naturally.

· An installation called TED (above) features 80 wall-mounted Teddy Ruxpin dolls spouting emotional statements culled from the internet with synthetic voices and animated mouths, in what will be the creepiest thing you’ll see today. [via: Prosthetic Knowledge]