Hyped: The Week In Links 2/8/13

<p>Busy week? Here&#8217;s somethings you may&#8217;ve missed.</p>

On the blog this week we found out about Amit Drori’s wooden robot theatre show, we looked at the sound design in Dead Space 3 in Kill Screen episode 5, while in LAYERS we looked at Scottish producer Rudi Zygadlo’s “Melpomene”. We also looked at how social media has changed performance art, we found out what tools video director Harald Haraldsson uses to do the job, checked out Reed + Radar’s new stuffed animal GIFs, and spoke to David Kamp about the sound composition in FIELD’s Energy Flow.

And on the tubes…

· Projection mapping meets kinetic sculpture in Cubepix.

· A 3D printer made from Lego.

· Björk cancels her Biophilia Kickstarter campaign :(

· Photographer turns the streets of Hong Kong into 2D games (above).

· The CouchCachet app checks you into the cool local hotspots on Foursquare while you just vegetate on the couch.