Hyped: The Week In Links 1/4/12

<p>Busy week? Here&#8217;s somethings you may&#8217;ve missed.</p>

It was a short week on the blog because 2012 decided to end, but here’s what went down: We did a tech Q&A with Studio Roosegaarde, a student created a concept for a musical genie in a bottle, we found out what 10,000 images combined into an instance of dancing looked like, witnessed some impossibly possible 3D sculptures created using a home printer, and found out what a spotmap color blueprint of Beasts of the Southern Wild looked like. We also profiled face electrifier Daito Manabe and looked at a Soundcloud mixing tool from OKFocus.

And on the web…

· Bruce Sterling discusses code in this exert from the CLOUDS documentary.

· Vomiting Larry is a robot that can puke.

· Something we could all do with is this medical alert bracelet (above).

· The Deep End is a psychedelic animation drawn using coffee (and ink).

· William Shatner tweeted with an astronaut on the ISS.