Hyped: The Week In Links 12/21

<p>Busy week? Here&#8217;s somethings you may&#8217;ve missed.</p>

On the blog this week, we did what no one else has done and rounded up the year in “best of” lists, there’s the best GIFs, best animations, we counted down some post-apocalyptic visions, and looked at the top gaming trends. We also looked back at our fav LAYERS columns, looked at the most inventive music vids of the year, imagined the future of cinema, premiered Rone’s shamanic new video, and said hello to new Creators Fleur & Manu.

And in internet-land…

· It’s the holidays (nearly), so in the spirit of the season here’s a 40ft tall Christmas tree exploding.

· You know those glitches in video games? Well, what if they were out to destroy all the video games ever—wouldn’t be so funny then, would they?

· Here’s the Tempescope, a display system that can reproduce weather conditions inside your home.

· Have an 8-bit Chrimbo with these Commodore 64 Christmas demos (above).

· It’s the end of days today, so the perfect time to re-watch Eclectic Method’s “The Apocamix” before you watch the world burn.