Hyped: The Week In Links 11/30

<p>Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.</p>

On the blog this week we looked at how a group of indie developers are reinvigorating the survival horror video game genre, were stunned by Daito Manabe’s new video for Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse/Blue”, checked out Florence + the Machine’s new single, counted down some tech-enhanced clothes, fell in love with these glitch pillow covers, and launched episode one of our Kill Screen series on video games.

· Lunar-cy: 3D printers could use Moon rocks to create tools and spare parts for Moon colonists of the future.

· Actual birds tweeting on Twitter.

· The xx’s music gets turned into an interactive robotic installation.

· Troubling development of the week: rifle with digital tracking and targeting.

· And here’s some cats that look like 1950s pinup girls (above).