Hyped: The Week In Links 11/18

<p>Busy week? Here&#8217;s some things you may have missed.</p>

From LED and lazer dresses to self-zipping clothes, Hussein Chalayan is fond of using technology in his fashion. We caught up with him at his S/S 2012 show in September and this was the result. On the blog we looked at Seiko Mikami’s show which treats the audience as data, were entranced by Pogo’s new mix, found out how to animate Mario old-school style, were mind-fried by Wes Whaley’s psychedelic light paintings, and witnessed rap jousting in an art gallery.

· Ice, ice save me: The city of Ulan Bator in Mongolia have ditched the air conditioner in favor of giant manmade seven meter thick blocks of ice. They’re hoping their ice-shield will provide water and tame the sweltering summer heat, when it melts.

· We could be 8-bit heroes: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a slightly podgy pixelated version of Superman (above) and other comic/sci-fi favs courtesy of Jesus Castañeda’s art prints.

· Play it again, Samwise Gamgee: The original 1944 Lord of the Rings starring Humphrey Bogart has finally been unearthed.

· Bee-have: The Harvard Monolithic Bee is a millimeter-scale flapping wing robotic insect.

· Light speed isn’t what it used to be: The team that carried out the experiment that saw a neutrino whoop light’s ass has repeated it at Cern and got the same result.