Human Organs As Pulsing Neon Lights

<p>Inspired by the electrical activity in the human body, Jessica Lloyd-Jones creates a real-life heart of glass.</p>

Optic Nerve

Blondie once sung about a lover having a heart of glass, and it wasn’t a good thing. But maybe if they had a heart of glass with a neon light burning through it, she might have accepted the implications of being emotionally weak and learned to love the guy and his neon organ.

Anyway, that’s a slightly convoluted way of introducing this series of images of anatomical blown glass lights from Welsh artist Jessica Lloyd-Jones called Anatomical Neon, which she says are inspired by the “presence of natural electrical activity in the human body.”

As she explains on her website:

Blown glass human organs encapsulate inert gases displaying different colours under the influence of an electric current. The human anatomy is a complex, biological system in which energy plays a vital role. Brain Wave conveys neurological processing activity as a kinetic and sensory, physical phenomena through its display of moving electric plasma. Optic Nerve shows a similar effect, more akin to the blood vessels of the eye and with a front ‘lens’ magnifiying the movement and the intensity of light. Heart is a representation of the human heart illuminated by still red neon gas. Electric Lungs is a more technically intricate structure with xenon gas spreading through its passage ways, communicating our human unawareness of the trace gases we inhale in our breathable atmosphere.

Brain Wave

Brain Wave detail

Electric Lungs


Heart detail

Optic Nerve

[via Colossal]