How To Creatively Destroy Your Old Plasma TV

<p>YouTuber Aussie50 destroys a TV set using a microwave transformer. And it looks mighty pretty.</p>

When your TV starts to malfunction, standard procedure is to give it a good whack on the top and then sit back and admire your technical prowess. Or, if that cure-all solution doesn’t work, you could fry the hell out of it with a 100 volts from a microwave transformer so it burns out in one last blaze of household appliance glory. The latter is what Aussie50 decided to do, in the process showcasing the art of destruction.

It’s definitely not one to try at home, unless you have a death wish. But it certainly looks impressive, starting off with the death knell of fizzying light before it begins its grand finale of bolts of electricity leaping around with a backdrop of glitchy visuals and Aussie50’s sinister cackling and commentary—all-in-all making for some great entertainment.

[via Hack a Day]