Hitoshi Kuriyama's Shattered Fluorescent Fixtures

<p>Dangerously mesmerizing, asymmetrically convulsing installations.</p>

Using chaotic clusters of shattered fluorescent light bulbs, Hitoshi Kuriyama hangs and piles his work into installations that look like accidents waiting to happen. As if walking into a pre-meditated death trap, the Byzantine arrangement of wires and bulbs convulse and induce an uncanny, seizure-like captivation. With alert apprehension, viewers cautiously gaze at flashing, staggered tubes and precarious shards of glass, careful to walk around, rather than under, the installations.

Kuriyama, intrigued by the moments in between construction and destruction, fixates his audience with his asymmetric matrices of fluorescent disorder. Currently, you can see his latest works flickering at Glasstress 2011 in Venice.