High-Tech Takes Alice To A Different Sort Of Wonderland

<p>A new media performance of <i>Alice in Wonderland</i> projects new fantasies.</p>

Reminiscent of Lumpensgigantic projection mapping project Robot Taekwon V or perhaps the virtually immersive music video, “Get It In”, he just shot with Tasha Reid of Drunken Tiger, the 2011 HanPac New Idea Festival takes our classic childhood favorite Alice in Wonderland into a new dimension. By incorporating multi-projection mappings with theater and dance, this digitized story unfolded into fantastic facade after facade at the Arco Art Theater in Seoul.

A backdrop of 5 screens—each 3 meters by 14 meters—morphed into contemporary interpretations of Alice’s adventures as the performers awed the audience with a new display of interactive performance art. From Alice encountering her environment and blowing up to unimaginable proportions to the Queen of Hearts and her virtual posse of playing cards, this media performance highlights the limitless potential that can occur when technology and theatrical performance share the same stage.