To Appeal to Women, Taiwan Builds a Church Shaped Like a Giant High Heel

We're toeing the line with this one...

It might read like a bad 90s comedy act—or equally bad New Yorker cartoon—but the new church in Budai, Taiwan's Ocean View Park is, indeed, shaped like a giant high heel. According to Huanqiu.com, via the Daily Mail, the devout will have a not-so-humble House of God to try on, come February 8. At 55' high by 36' wide, and boasting 320 panels of blue glass, the stilleto is a decidedly loud appeal to locals, and along with 100 reported female-centric attractions, one sure to generate interest—be it positive or otherwise. So, would you set foot inside or throw stones? We're waiting to hear back from Facebook's High Heel Mom before dipping our toes into this one. 

Via Daily Mail, Marie Claire


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