Hi-Tech Cameras Capture Extreme Slip 'N Slide

The extreme sport you never knew you needed is now in gorgeous digital 4K.

The slip 'n slide: one of the world’s most underappreciated forms of recreation. Here, speed, agility, and fearlessness all combine, as popular YouTuber DevonSuperTramp documents a group of extreme slip 'n' sliders in gorgeous digital 4K detail.

Outfitted with an impressive repertoire of camera tech, from stabilizers to super powerful 4K-capable digital cameras, Devon Graham's crew can shoot in 1000 frames per second, the secret behind their wonderfully crisp slow-motion shots. Effective enough to enable the camera operators to run alongside the sliders (without bumps or shakiness), the steadicam-style stabilizers make possible the drone-worthy tracking footage that opens the video. Here, the team also employs POV cameras, allowing viewers the feeling of their Lake Powell plunges.

If you’re as blown away by the production value DevonSuperTramp was able to achieve at the remote mountainous location in Utah his posse slipped and slid in, check out the behind the scenes video here.

h/t Siz.io

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