Here's How To Warp Your Instagram Posts Into Mini CGI Masterpieces

Vince McKelvie's new Instagram video series includes extra-dimensional CGI creatures that are downloadable through a public Dropbox.

Vince McKelvie is quite familiar with taking existing visuals and subverting their uses—and meanings—to create awesome, medium-defying art, as evinced by his recent GIF-warping app Klear. Recently, the Los Angeles-based artist has taken to Instagram to showcase a series of reality-bending videos that insert computer-generated 3D geometries into live, real-world footage. The results? Mind-melting meditations on what it might look like if extra-dimensional CGI creatures broke through the computer screen and began popping up on city streets. 

Ever the altrustic artisté, McKelvie has open-sourced his new project, posting the After Effects project, Blender files, custom scripts, and workflow onto a public Dropbox, so any aspiring 3D artist can be producing McKelvie-caliber creations in the time it takes to, well, learn After Effects, Blender, and this video. Easy enough, right? 

For more from Vince McKelvie, check out our articles on his projects Rothko Builder, Gradient Forest, and 3dGIF, and check out Rhizome's awesome profile of the artist. 


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