Artist Weaves Giant Spider Web with 3D-Printing Pen

We hope we never run into a spider capable of spinning a web the size of the one Rachel Goldsmith made.

Not unlike an arachnid spinning a silken web, artist Rachel Goldsmith weaves plastic extruded from a 3D Doodler pen into intricate sculptures. With little in the way of a plan, Goldsmith tends to improvise her work by connecting strand after strand of plastic and following her intuition.

In her latest work, that intuition produced a system of black, white, and grey plastic threads that looks like something the giant spiders from Harry Potter might leave behind after a short vacation. The weblike structure is the end product of 30 total hours of doodling and about 200 strands of plastic. The artwork is a "visual record of the repetitive," she told 3Dprint.com, budding from a flowing meditative state "kind of like the contrails left behind an airplane." We like to think that's what spiders think of their webs, too.

Goldsmith finds that her artwork has similar patterns to naturally occurring outcroppings of ice.

Visit Rachel Goldsmith's website for more of her 3D doodled creations.


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