Here's 50 Years of Bowie Hairstyles in a Single GIF

Illustrator Helen Green celebrated the Thin White Duke's 68th by drawing every notable hairstyle the pop star ever adopted.

David Bowie turned 68 on January 8, meaning that he's been gracing the world with his taboo-breaking music, fashion sense, and hair styles for about 50 years. In celebration, illustrator Helen Green drew every notable hairstyle the chameleonic pop star adopted throughout his career, and turned it into one mesmerizing GIF. Green then published the full series of uncolored pencil drawings the following day, freeze-framing each of Bowie's looks under the banner, "Time may change me." Yes it may, Bowie, yes it may.

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Visit Helen Green on Tumblr for more illustrations.

H/t Kottke


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