Hallucinogenic Animation For Machinedrum's Remix Of "Eyes Down"

<p>Anthony Francisco Sheppard creates another gem for Ninja Tune.</p>

EyesDown (Drum Machine Remix) official video from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

Every frame of an Anthony Francisco Scheppard animation is a surrealist painting, and he’s proven his mettle time and time again. A year ago, Scheppard created a hallucinogenic dream for Blockhead’s “The Music Scene”, following it up by collaborating with Creators Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin on their videos for ROME (the interactive web experience “Three Dreams Of Black” and “Two Against One”).

His newest video, and second animation for Ninja Tune, flows to the beat of Machinedrum’s remix of “Eyes Down.” Machinedrum intensifies the broken beat rhythm of the original track by Bonobo and Andreya Triana, making it sound like a deconstructed trance anthem in the tradition of Burial.

The video for “Eyes Down” follows our six-eyed humanoid protagonist through a steampunk dystopia, with Scheppard’s signature explosions of color lighting the way. The tale portrayed is not quite that simple but, like the thought process that dreamt it up, most of the imagery evades description.