Hacked Antique Radio Broadcasts Tweets In Real-Time

<p>Sean Hathaway&#8217;s <i>Volume And Noise</i> sends tweets across the airwaves.</p>

Volume And Noise from Sean Hathaway on Vimeo.

It’s not enough that people’s tweets are being broadcast across the internet—the babble of noise that is the Twittersphere has now ebbed out across the airwaves with Sean Hathaway’s piece Volume And Noise. The contraption uses an antique radio which gathers tweets using specific, user-defined search terms and broadcasts them in real-time, vintage style.

Hathaway even included all the sounds you’d expect to hear from this relic of entertainment, from radio static to tuning sounds, building his device using Arduino, a modern amp, and including a Tweets per Minute (TPM) meter so you can set the amount of tweets that are read out. All this is contained within the cathedral-like frame of a 1930s Philco radio.

The piece was displayed at the AFRU Gallery in Portland, Oregon in November this year, so the tweets in the video are all political due to the US election. But the search terms can be changed to anything the user desires, which means your tweets can reach an even wider, perhaps more old school, audience.

[via PSFK]