Fugazi Edits Is The Ultimate Mashup Album, Combining Up To Five Tracks In One

<p>Chris Lawhorn&#8217;s project layers together multiple songs by Fugazi to create a brand new album of pleasing noise.</p>

Nov 5 2012, 8:15pm

Mashup albums look like easy tasks when you put them next to this new project from Chris Lawhorn. For Fugazi Edits, Lawhorn combined dozens of songs across Fugazi’s lauded six-album discography into a single album. Using mainly the instrumental portions of songs, he layered together four (and in once instance five) tracks together to form a mashup to trump all mashups.

For example, you can hear “Floating Boy,” “Rend It,” “Drowned City,” and “The Argument” all edited together into a single two-and-a-half minute song. The result sounds less chaotic than you might imagine and rather like fully intentional noise rock, with some discordant bits clashing slightly, but sounding good doing it. As you might expect from the kings of DIY rock and roll, Fugazi fully endorsed this project. Yet another amazing thing they’re putting into their fans hands, along with their legacy of affordable shows, and more recently their archive of live concert recordings, Fugazi Live Series.

Here all of Fugazi Edits below.

[via: Boing Boing]