Grizzly Bear Reflect On The Experience Of Making Shields

The indie rock band let their fourth album grow organically into a truly collaborative effort.

You'll know Grizzly Bear from their gorgeous-sounding music, but you'll also know Grizzly Bear from the surreal and inventive music videos that accompany those tracks.

Last year they released their fourth studio album Shields, the follow up to 2009's Veckatimest, a record which had no trouble bringing the untarnished complexity of their indie rock into the top 10 album chart. While Shields is as technically accomplished as Veckatimest, with its vocal harmonies and woodwind instruments, it's also a more emotional affair, displayed in the punchy atmosphere of their second single "Yet Again".

In the video above the band take stock on what went into making Shields, discussing how it grew organically from late night studio sessions and how they wanted it to be a truly collaborative effort between the band. "We made a real decision on this record to work together as much as we possibly could and make it really feel as collective as we could, just because everyone in the band has a really strong voice and a really strong aesthetic." says guitarist Daniel Rossen. "And it made the most sense to get everyone's voice on the record as much as possible."

"Yet Again" directed by Emily Kai Bock

The band also talk about their approach to music videos and how they're happy to let a director do their thing and experiment as they wish, which results in the varying and rich visuals their videos have become known for.

If you have tickets you can catch the band live at Coachella part two this Saturday—and if you miss that performance you can catch them playing The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 24.

Warp Records will release a limited edition split 12" from Grizzly Bear and Brian Eno featuring Nicolas Jaar remixes on Record Store Day, April 20.