Google Glasses Become Reality With A DIY Project

<p>Will Powell got tired of waiting for the AR glasses of tomorrow, so he built them himself.</p>

Google glasses erupted onto the web last week with a concept video for Project Glass, along with some photos of smiley, happy people modeling the visor-like glasses. But after that tease we now have to play the waiting game: Will they debut at the Google I/O 2012 in June? Or will we have to wait until the end of year? Next year? Or maybe it was all just an elaborate joke? Questions, questions.

Well, one person who isn’t going to wait around is developer Will Powell, who’s gone and created some DIY AR glasses, which you can see in action in the video above. Powell uses a pair of Vuzix glasses, some HD webcams, a mic headset with an application written in Adobe Air, and Dragon speech recognition software. Local weather is pulled from Yahoo and the app can create appointments, take photos to upload and share, and play music.

Naturally, anything that looks this good and makes its debut on the internet will have accusations of “Fake!!!” levelled against it, but Powell has taken to the comments to claim the video’s legitimacy stating: “Thank you for the comments. I can reassure you that this is a real live application and is filmed in real time. All footage from the user’s perspective is recorded directly.” Maybe Google should hire him.

[via The Next Web]