Good News! Now You Can Disappear Into A Cloud Of Smoke

<p><a href="http://www.ikstudio.com/" target="_blank">Ibañez Kim Studio</a>&#8216;s <i>Cloud Cloak</i> can help you achieve the mystery and intrigue you&#8217;ve always wanted.</p>

If you’ve ever been front-row at a concert, chances are you’ve choked on smoke machine fumes before. Exciting news: You can now sport that same technology in a stylish collar! Tempting, huh?

Cloud Cloak, a wearable device that produces fog, isn't meant to create an uncomfortable environment for its user. Actually, its objective is quite the opposite. Developed by Ibañez Kim Studio, the gadget sits around the wearer's neck and torso, breathing smoke from its collar. The device envelops the wearer in a cloud of fog, simultaneously obscuring his or her identity and creating a temporary tranquil space.

Everyone, at some point, has wanted to disappear for a while. With Cloud Cloak, you finally can—at the push of a button and in style. If nothing else, it seems like a great way to make a memorable entrance (or exit!).

[via FashioningTech]